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The Flagstaff Links ( web site is a service of indigo8 Internet, Inc.

While we make every effort to ensure the quality and accuracy of the listings on our web site, no representations are made and no guarantees are offered. In any matter whether general, legal, or financial, proper care should be taken to consult with legal or financial professionals. Specific laws and requirements. Please seek professional consultation regarding specific requirements relating to contracts, offers, closing, or any matter where you have any doubt.

This web site contains links to web sites operated by third parties. These links are for reference only, and neither Flagstaff Links nor its partner sites make any representation of the fitness of any such linked web site or the information that may be contained therein. For questions regarding a product or service offered by listed web sites, contact the owners of those web sites directly.

Flagstaff Links is unable to make any warranty as to goods or services provided by vendors listed on this web site. Flagstaff Links is in no way liable in the event that a dispute arises between a customer and a vendor listed on our web site. Should you have a negative experience with a vendor found through this web site, please contact the vendor directly first.

We reserve the right to edit any part of listings submitted, to move listings to categories we deem more appropriate, or to delete listings if the content is not felt to be appropriate for the directory.